SYNCRO JAZZ “Syncro Jazz Live”

Reissue for the first time Worldwide

Legendary sessions produced by Amado Maita

Live in S. Paulo in 1982, it was first released on Amado Maita’s modest indie label Poitou in the 1980s. Nestico, one of the greatest Brazilian sax players, and his sister composer, pianist Lilu, star.

Nestico became a part of the various Jazz bands in So Paulo after taking part in the first Jazz festival held at the Municipal Theater in 1977, alongside artists Samuel (piano), Nilson (bass), and Caram (drums).

He played with the Syncro Jazz ensemble in So Paulo multiple times. Together with the artists Lilu Aguiar (piano), Peter Wooley (bass), Vidal (sax and flute), Dagmar (trumpet), and Ronny Machado, the band issued the LP “Syncro Jazz-Live” in 1982. (drums).

“Pro César,” dedicated to pianist César Camargo Mariano, “Winter Know,” and “Black Cock,” all by Lilu Aguiar, are included in the repertoire, as are “For Guzi” (Peter Wooley), “Cruzan” (M. Santamaria), and “Revelation” (S. Fortune). The album has incredible Fender Rhodes solos in Heavy Modal Spiritual and Bossa Jazz reminiscent of Strata-East and Black Jazz Records.

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