Luiz Carlos Vinhas – “O Som Psicodélico De L. C. V.”

For the First Time, the Official Worldwide Reissue of 180g Vinyl in a Hardcover Sleeve with an OBI Strip

Vinhas, Luiz Carlos “O som psicodelico” is a timeless masterpiece and a watershed moment in Brazilian music. Psychedelic Jazz Bossa.

He began playing the piano at night in the late 1950s in Rio de Janeiro and rapidly became involved in the Bossa Nova movement. He became a member of the famed Bossa Três, along with drummer Edison Machado and bassist Tio Neto, and released three albums in the US in 1962.

Back in Brazil, he continued to perform with Bossa Três alongside other works by Jorge Ben, Quarteto em Cy, Elis Regina, and many others.

Vinhas was a legendary Bossa Nova performer. He was a pianist at Beco das Garrafas and appeared on CDs by Elis Regina, Quarteto em Cy, Jorge Ben Jor, and Maria Bethânia, among others. He also founded one of the first artistic ensembles of the time, Bossa Três, which was rebranded Gemini V in 1966 with Leny Andrade and Pery Ribeiro on vocals. He published the LP “The Bossa 3” in 1963. In 1964, he appeared on the fantastic album “O Som” by Meirelles e Os Copa 5. Nonetheless, that same year, he released the remarkable LP “Novas Estruturas.”

In 1968, he released “O Som Psicodélico de Luiz Carlos Vinhas”, a bold mix of jazz with the sounds that came from the tropicalist movement and psychedelic.

This LP is a milestone in Brazilian music and is very rare in its original edition. Finally, Mad About Records officially reissued it.

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