Justin Thyme – “A Life in a Day”

Double LP Deluxe Edition, OBI Strip

1979 Very Rare Private Hawaii Spiritual Jazz Funk

First-Ever Worldwide Vinyl Reissue

Gary Washburn, a well-known Hawaiian composer, musician, and educator, created this special Jazz-Fusion record. “A Life in a Day” was a project for which he received a National Endowment for the Arts grant, and he also received a State Foundation grant.

It’s a concept CD that Gary created in Hilo specifically for the people who played the song in the same manner that Duke Ellington composed for his orchestra.

The Justin Thyme lineup performed a series of gigs throughout the isle, which was first captured on a 4-channel recorder. Kent Washburn, brother, and composer, was exposed to the track and decided to release it on his own company, EmKay Records.

The record was produced and manufactured, but his production firm quadrupled it, and the CD was never released publicly. Washburn’s musical techniques for presenting this one-of-a-kind conceptual portrayal include conventional and modern Jazz, Funk, Pop, and, in certain instances, classical.

A Life In A Day is a 13-movement orchestral suite created and composed by Gary Washburn under the auspices of a National Endowment For The Arts award.

The composition, written expressly for the Justin Thyme group, illustrates the stages of life from creation and formulation through self-realization and satisfaction, and finally death, which symbolizes rebirth and progress.

“Circles are cycles of forms that spiral out and back… always starting and terminating at the same location, but always finishing an eternal trip.” Back and forth.

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