The Rare Spiritual Jazz Funk Masterpiece is reissued worldwide for the first time with the original four-page guide.

Jothan Callins had previously performed with Olatunji in 1960 before joining The Sun Ra Arkestra and establishing his own Sounds of Togetherness. Cecil McBee, Norman Connors, Joseph Bonner, and Roland Duval are among the members of the band featured on this 1975 New York album.

There is almost no data on Callins and practically nothing about the recordings, which were released as a one-off on Triumph Records. Callins, who was born in Birmingham, Alabama, worked with a lengthy list of celebrities, was an instructor, and earned his Master’s degree at the University of Pittsburgh, where Nathan Davis directed the jazz studies program. 

He founded the Birmingham Youth Jazz Ensemble (BYJE) and was the first Jazz Artist Resident in Birmingham Public Schools. Callins was teaching in New York City at the time this album was published.

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